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Discover what it really takes to make it as an entrepreneur. Join CEO, investor, and entrepreneur, Nick Sarnicola and his guests, as they deep-dive into their most significant challenges and their lowest lows, and how those fires forged their success stories today. Nick Sarnicola has developed successful people, products and companies in various industries from direct sales and technology, to health and fitness, to international events and non-profits. Having become a self-made decamillionaire by age 35, while leading a 100,000+ person sales force, his innovation of leadership systems and strategies produced high-performing teams in nearly 20 countries, creating more than 70 millionaires.

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Thursday Mar 16, 2023

On this episode, Nick speaks with Wesley Saunders, retired NFL veteran, formerly with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts. Now turned spiritual lifestyle advisor, Saunders' main focus is on health and wellness, both mentally and physically.
Tune in as Wesley Saunders goes deep into his story of being under investigation from the NCAA, to his battles in the NFL, to becoming the successful entrepreneur and philanthropist he is today.

Friday Mar 03, 2023

On episode 22 of Forged By Fire, Nick dives into the story of Nick Santonastasso who went from being a disabled teen to an Internet star that lives by inspiring others.
Santonastasso has defied the limiting beliefs of society time and time again, displaying his talents, skills and passions as a high school athlete, bodybuilder, and fitness model and today a motivational keynote speaker and author.
Tune in and be inspired as our next guest opens up about his life experiences, and challenges, and how he was forged by his fire.

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

CEO of Realgrader Alex Montalenti goes deep into his story of a near death experience as well as giving up what most consider the "perfect life" to start all over again. Everyone told him to quit... but he kept going.

20. Daniel Damico | FBF Podcast

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

On this Episode, former artist from "The Calling", Daniel Damico, shares his experience of transitioning his identity from a top musician to a top performing real estate agent in Hollywood, California. If you are someone that has or had to deal with transitioning your identity TUNE IN!

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

On Episode 19 of #forgedbyfirepodcast @sethmanheimer shares his failure of how his business went from $200,000 revenue a month to absolutely nothing because of government  mandatory shutdowns!
Listen to how we was forged by his fire and flipped his story after such a hard loss.

Thursday Dec 22, 2022

On Episode 18, Nick dives into the life of self development coach, author, movement expert, and entrepreneur, Dolvett Quince as he shares his story of how he went from being mentally "heavy" to becoming a king!Listen, Learn, and Share!

17. Blake Mallen | FBF Podcast

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

This week we look into Blake Mallen's story of how he was only one month from bankruptcy and complete devastation. Doubts and negative self-talk were creeping in. He could have walked away but he went through the fire and was forged by it. 
Listen and learn how Blake Mallen became such a huge success story.

16. Don’t Quit | FBF Podcast

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

This week, we dive into Nick Sarnicola’s formula for the Art of Desire. Having become a self-made decamillionaire by age 35, while leading a 100,000+ person sales force, his innovation of leadership systems and strategies produced high-performing teams in nearly 20 countries, creating more than 70 millionaires.
Listen and learn as Nick breaks down the Art of Desire and how your goals, habits, values, vision, and emotions contribute to your success.

15. Adam Sosnick | FBF Podcast

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

On Episode 15, Nick sits down with professional networker and financial literacy expert Adam Sosnick. Co-host of Valuetainment Podcast, Adam, became a millionaire at age 35 making sales and spreading his financial literacy knowledge through public interactions in his “Sos Talks Money” media outlet. 
Coming from a home with an abusive father and being impacted by the 2009 recession, Adam was forged by this experience and found opportunities to grow through the fire. 
Listen in as Adam Sosnick explains his story of what led him to becoming a successful millionaire and gives us his “6 Principles of Wealth”.

Thursday Aug 25, 2022

This week, Nick hosts motivational speaker, author, world traveler, and founder of, Majeed Mogharreban. He is an expert in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, sharing his knowledge with his audience.  
Majeed Mogharreban has seen many years of success inspiring people across the world and helping them access their freedom to create a life of passion and purpose. Although he has become an inspiration to millions of people, his life took a turn through the fire as he went through a divorce during the global pandemic that shut down the world.
Tune in as Nick dives into how Majeed overcame and recovered from emotional and mental distress to his rise as a highly successful professional speaker.


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